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The system can be equipped with sample treatment on the specifications of each customer, for example:

  • Peltièr Chiller and Peristaltic pump for condensate removal
  • In-line filter for each sampling point
  • Sample pump/min
  • Solenoid valve for the automatic selection of the sampling point

The expansion ETG 6500 MPS allows you to analyser up to 6 measurement points, while maintaining the same high performance of our analyser ETG 6500, at a very affordable cost.
Its use is particularly directed to the plants and for those who need to monitor multiple points of measurement of biogas, while maintaining a single analyzer.

The ETG MPS is also available as an option at a later time because the management ETG (MPS case of a tape as the analyzer ETG 6500) takes place through the analyzer itself, which allows for incredible versatility and modularity use.

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