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SS TDL 100


  • Optical, contact-less measurement
  • Accurate laser-diode electro-optics
  • High selectivity
  • Fast response
  • Self-contained, easy to integrate
  • Continuous sensor status monitoring
  • Calibration-free
  • Low cost-of-ownership
  • Hot-gas measurement option up to 190°C
  • Digital and analog output
  • 10-30V single supply

ETG it’s proud to announce a new Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLS) gas analyzer , used for the measurement of gases such as NH3 CH4 CO2 O2  H2O.

The system it’s based on the Semi In situ gas technology  suitable in the field of gas detection and monitoring in diverse industries.

The SSTDL instrument series is based on a contactless, near infrared absorption measurement of the target gas. The systems are self contained, ready to use instrument using a flow through cell set up for extractive measurements but for In Situ installation.

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