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Biomethane System Analysis ETG 8500 BIO M

Over the last decade upgrading biogas to biomethane has become widespread in some countries where production of biogas from the collection systems in urban waste dumps, wastewater treatment plants and from digestion was already consolidated with anaerobic digestion of agricultural and agro-industrial biomasses.

ETG’s new 8500 M is a complete package for biomethane gas analysis ready to use. The system includes a pre-treatment sample system ( for example when the inlet is the Raw Biogas ), the gas analysers for measurement of CH4, H2S, CO2, O2, LHV, HHV, water dew point , relative density , Wobbe Index and ETG’s proprietary software , a monitor touch screen, alarms, Digital Input and Digital output. All these components are delivered house in a single cabinet and ready for operation. The operating principles for the analysers are: NDIR analyser for CH4 and CO2 , paramagnetic analyser for O2 and a TDLAS analyser for H2S dew point measurement.

The Biomethane System Analysis ETG 8500 BIO M complies with the Italian UNI/TR 11537 Standard for the introduction of biomethane in transport networks and distribution of natural gas. This analyser offers operators real-time analysis, a historic display of last 30 minutes of analysis , automatic calibration of CH4,CO2,O2, remote access via LAN and WLAN and CSV downloadable data. The whole unit has dimensions:1600x800x600 mms weighs in at 105Kg and is manufacturesd of AISI 304 stainless steel. The communication protocol options are Modbus , Profibus and Ethernet,

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