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ETG 6900 X

Methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3) play a critical role in the balance of emissions and in the chemistry of the atmosphere.

The main sources of human impact on the environment (anthropogenic) are anaerobic production from landfills, ruminants and their waste, release from the extraction and use of fossil fuels, biomass combustion, etc.

On average, on a global scale, methane emissions from landfills contribute between 10-19% of the anthropogenic methane load in the atmosphere. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas – about 25 times stronger than CO and exits from tanks, landfills and permafrost soils.

The ETG 6900 X analyzer is capable of reliably and selectively measuring CH4 and NH3 at low ppm concentrations without the need for frequent calibration. It is therefore ideal for studying the monitoring of NH3 and CH4 emissions in landfills or applications in remote sites, eg. in environmental research.

ETG analyzer 6900 X multigas laser of CH4 / NH3 / CO2 / O2

  • Laser analyzer of CH4 and NH3 with CO2 NDIR and O2 ECD
  • Sample at room temperature
  • Suitable for 19 “rack mounting
  • Minimum field to be defined
  • Maximum field to be defined
  • Limit of detection to be defined
  • 4-20 mA Output Signal, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet
  • Other features (download technical bulletin)

ETG 6900 X uses an enhanced TDLS for gas detection, whose narrow bandwidth laser beam (0.1 nm) is scanned in the target gas absorption band, performing a high resolution near-infrared absorption measurement.

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