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ETG 6901 A

CH4 ambient monitor  

Methane (CH4) plays a critical role in emissions balance and in atmosphere chemistry.

The main sources of human impact on the environment (anthropogenic) are the anaerobic production from landfills, ruminants and their waste, the release from the extraction and use of fossil fuels, the combustion of biomass, etc.

On average, on a global scale, landfill methane emissions contribute between 10-19% of the anthropogenic methane load in the atmosphere. CH4 is a powerful greenhouse gas – about 25 times stronger than CO2.

A more recent application is that of detecting methane leaks, an important component of natural gas, along the gas distribution networks. Natural gas is one of the most important types of fuel in today’s world economy. Safe distribution of this fuel through long-haul gas pipelines as well as through city gas distribution networks is therefore absolutely essential.

In fact, unfortunately, most of the distribution networks are old, prone to leaks and without a reliable system capable of detecting and repairing these leaks. Methane emissions from pipelines represent a serious safety hazard and a serious challenge to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

The ETG 6901 A analyzer is capable of reliably and selectively measuring CH4 at low ppm concentrations without the need for frequent calibration. It is therefore ideal for the study of monitoring of CH4 emissions in landfills or applications in remote sites, e.g. in environmental research.

The ETG 6901 A uses an enhanced TDLS for the detection of this gas, whose narrow bandwidth laser beam (0.1 nm) scans in the absorption band of the target gas, performing an absorption measurement in the near infrared high resolution.

  • Methane (CH4 )extractive gas analyzer tunable diode laser based
  • Sample at ambient temperature
  • 19” Rackmounting
  • Minimum Standard range 0-100 ppm
  • Maximum Standard range 0-40.000 ppm
  • Limit of detection 4ppm
  • Signal output 4-20 mA
  • Other technical details please to download the technical bulletin

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