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ETG 6904 H

Started mainly in waste incineration processes, the applications of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) of hydrochloric acid (HCl) have been in circulation for several years now.

The chlorine present in the plastic materials burned in incinerators tends to combine with the humidity present in the basket to form HCl during the combustion process.

Hydrochloric acid, in addition to other acid gases, has generally always been controlled in post-combustion cleaning systems, such as acid gas scrubbers (wet or dry).

These systems generally control various acid gases as well as the level of air toxicity.
The levels of discharge of the HCl downstream of the pollution control devices are generally low in most applications: there is talk of ppm levels at a figure and typically lower than 30 ppm.

The ETG 6904 H analyzer is able to reliably and selectively measure HCl at low ppm concentrations without the need for frequent calibration. It is therefore ideal for the study on the monitoring of emissions of hydrochloric acid in landfills or applications in remote sites, eg. in environmental research.

The ETG 6904 H analyzer uses an enhanced TDLS for the detection of this gas, whose narrow bandwidth laser beam (0.1 nm) scans in the target gas absorption band, performing an absorption measurement in the neighbor high resolution infrared.

ETG 6904 H heat analyzer for the analysis of HCl for hot and humid gases

  • Hot water analyzer for HCl analysis based on laser technology.
  • Sample to be analyzed hot and humid
  • Suitable for 19 “rack mounting
  • Standard range minimum 0- 50/100 ppm
  • Maximum standard range 0-500 ppm
  • Detection limit 0.2 ppm
  • Output signal 4-20 mA, Modbus, Profinet, Profibus, etc.
  • Other features (download technical bulletin)
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