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ETG 7500 for Ship Exhaust Monitoring

ETG 7500 SmartCems for ship exhaust monitoring.
Exhaust gases produced by combustion in the naval sector are subject to international and national laws and regulations, so it is essential for shipowners to ensure compliance with the new environmental standards.
The ETG 7500 is a very intelligent CEM system in which it is possible to switch from the first analysis cabinet to others, automatically avoiding the out of service of the whole system. All components have been selected for marine application. ETG 7500 has been specifically designed for the marine industry, to monitor DeSOx, suitable for monitoring the most stringent emission limits for SOx (MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI and Amendments). The ETG 7500 system has been certified RINA N. MAC214217CS.

The heated gas sampling probe is designed for continuous use in extractive sampling systems even when the sample contains dust and aerosols. Water vapour and high corrosive gases must be kept above their dew point to prevent corrosion and sample degradation prior to the analysis or sample conditioning. The probe can be delivered in several versions to meet user specific requirements. The probe incorporates a non-corrosive heated, replaceable ceramic filter element. The filter element is mounted in an electrically heated stainless steel housing covered by a thermal isolated weather protection enclosure. The temperature regulation is done by a maintenance free, fully electronic temperature controller with under temperature alarm.
The heated sample hose Jh series is directly connected with a moveable PG42 cable conduit on the probes housing. A universal mounting clamp is available to connect other types of heated sample hoses.

Main Features:

  • Ready to operate for SO2 /CO2 / ratio monitoring
  • Modular system composed by Probe-Sample box conditioning-Cabinet Analysis
  • Automatic System Back up in case of failure
  • CO2 analyzer NDIR based – SO2 UVDOAS based
  • Remote Control from Central Room
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Signal output : 4-20 mA, Profinet, Modbus, Profibus
  • Bi-directional Input/Output
  • IACS UR E10 Certification
  • IMO Marpol Annex VI Compliant
  • RINA Certification
  • Rugged Marine cabinet and components with Stainless Steel material
  • No-Stop operation with field replaceable sample conditioning box by the end user
  • Low cost ownership

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