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FID Analyzers

  • Measured Gas:


Measuring component CxHy
Display 6-digit, LED
Decadic measuring range 5
Smallest measuring range 0 – 10 ppm
Largest measuring range 0 – 100.000 ppm
Range selection man./automatic
Repeatability +/- 1 % of reading
Instrument zero drift +/- 1 % in 24 h
Analyser response time (input FID) 1 Sec. (T90)
Warm-up-time approx. 30 min.
Analogue outputs 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA,  0-10 V
Fuel H2, 5.0
Span gas C3H8
Zero gas N2, 5.0 or syn. air
Combustion air catalyst built in
Fuel consumption approx. 35 ml/min
Zero and Spangas consumption 1 l/min
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Option 115 V / 60 Hz-50Hz
Power consumption 300 W
Ambient temperature 0 – 45°C

The FID technology (Flame Ionization Detection) is widely used for monitoring VOC (volatile organic compunds) and could be espressed as THC (total hydrocarbons) and it’s officially used as the standard technology used in the emission and immission control, and moreover is used for control process.

The actual line include two versions: fixed analyser, portable analyser.

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