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AMC Contamination monitoring in Semiconductor Cleanroom


  • Principle of operation: Gas Cromatography with Flame Ionization Detector
  • Analyser Range: 0-200 ppb
  • Dimension (HxWxD) :160 cm x 60 cm x 80 cm
  • Enclosure : Nema 12 or IP54 stainless steel console
  • Operating temperature: 10°C—35 °C
  • Communication: RS-232, Ethernet, ODBC
  • Power: 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz 900 watts maximum
  • Gas Required: CDA 5 l/min H2 130 sccm (optional H2 generator)
  • Sampling Channels: Up to 16
  • Resolution: 0,1 ppb
  • Detected Compounds: Up to 30, user defined

The μ-VOC CAM system is designed to manage the process of analysis in continuous operation, without the need to be physically located on site. Automatically analyzes samples up to 16 different sampling points, for each of them are set different alarms. Its ability to be portable, makes the μ-VOC CAM system a very useful tool to monitor the causes of contamination in the process.

Equipped with “On-Board” calibration, is able to satisfy the most demanding standards of quality check

The results are displayed in real time and are expressed as concentration values​​, without calculation to be performed.

The system, as standard, is designed to be connected to the customer network.

The μ-VOC CAM is a means to identify the correlation between molecular contamination and causes relating thereto. The full range of compounds is analyzed in real time at sub-ppb, providing an early diagnosis in the contamination and a quick identification of its cause.

In addition, with its ability to monitor up to 16 channels, the system μ-VOC CAM allows monitoring both upstream and downstream of the filters. In this way it is possible to detect both when the sample of air is not compliant with and simultaneously monitor the absorption capacity of the filter.

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