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AMC Monitor for Clean Room NEW ORION 3100

  • Measured Gas:
    HCl, HF, NH3,VOC's


  • Real-time at sub-ppb measurements
  • CEAS principle of operations
  • Continuous, unattended operation in harsh or hazardous environments
  • No reagents, radioactive source, paper tape, absorbent tubes or other expensive consumables required for operation
  • Long-term stability and reliability
  • Solid-state electronics and no moving parts
  • Low maintenance for maximum uptime
  • Every monitor is shipped factory-calibrated with an applications performance specification.
  • CEAS analyzers for single/multiple trace gas compounds detection
  • Multipoint sampling from 4 to 64 channels
  • Programmable Alarm and Fault Relays with Individual Programmable Alarm Levels
  • Programmable Sample Point Sequencing with Individual Channel Purge and Analysis
  • Open Communication Protocol for easy integration to existing systems
  • No Data loss during power interruption or shutdown
  • Touch-screen display allows Graphic and Operator functions to be changed or updated easily
  • Connections ¼ “ OD
  • Piping : PFA, PVDF
  • Max length pipe line for each channel measured : 80 mt
  • Panel PC colour VGA touch screen which allow graphic and operator functions
  • Remote visualization and operation by Radmin Software or similar
  • Any carrier or special utilities
  • Output signal : Standard : RS232 , Ethernet  Optional : 4-20 mA, Modbus
  • Electrical supply : 115-230 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Calibration verification by optional Calibration with Permeation generator
  • Sampling by Sample & Fast loop pump

Ultra-sensitive measurements in real time of the traces of HCl, HF, NH3 in the Clean Room.

In the lithography process, the technique “Deep Ultraviolet (DUV)” has proven to be particularly sensitive to contamination of molecular type.

The evolution of a better DUV, for materials and filter life, has not diminished the need for monitoring in real time, requiring the measurement of pollutants present in the air a factor of crucial importance.

The ETG software HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows real-time display of the values ​​of NH3, HCl, HF and the management of sampling on different sampling points. This software was written for the semiconductor plant that attempt to monitor and control air contamination in the process of DUV lithography. This software has the flexibility to be applied to any industrial environment, in which it is necessary to multipoint sampling from one or more analyzers CEAS. Features include an easy interactive control of alarms, data logging, trend display and management functions of the ‘analyzer, is based on a Windows environment.

The real-time monitoring of airborne contamination has become of paramount importance for the processing of semiconductors.

It is essential, therefore, the rapid detection and alarm systems, monitoring the level of low concentration, sampling over a wide area, and the sensitivity of many different types of gas.

The lithographic DUV are particularly interested in monitoring of the ‘ammonia, amines, NMP and acids.

Monitoring systems antecedents are based on indirect methods of analysis.

These include bubblers, ion chromatography, or chemiluminescence. These methods are generally too slow, too complex to manage, expensive and inaccurate.

ETG uses the proven technology of the CEAS to address the problem of monitoring the contamination in the air in order to detect ammonia, HF, HCl, Pulsed Fluorescence ‘s SO2 and GC-FID technology to detect compounds sspeciali VOC.

The ORION 3100 for the detection of traces of ammonia, HCl, HF, in combination with uVOC-CAM offers one of the most powerful tools on the market molecular contamination in the air in the clean room.

3100 ORION gesetire is able to output data for a maximum of 4-6 analyzers or gas sensors, using Ethernet, Modbus RS232/RS485 or the optional module analog 4-20mA.

Each analyzer has an internal computer (Linux OS) can store practically unlimited data on your hard drive and send real-time data to a data logger via the digital (RS232) or Ethernet outputs. In addition, as for all analyzers ETG, this analyzer can be controlled remotely via the Internet.

This capability allows the user to operate the analyzer using a web browser practically anywhere Internet access is available. This allows remote access to the BIOS-level control of the instrument and provides the opportunity to obtain data for diagnosis and operation of the instrument without being on site.

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