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AMC Clean Room Monitoring of volatile organic contamination in Semi fabs

  • Measured Gas:
    HCl, HF, NH3

The Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) lithography process has proven to be especially sensitive to many types of molecular level contaminates. Ammonia, and acid gases are known to create problems throughout the fab.

The development of improved DUV Resist materials and long-life filters has not lessened the need for continuous real-time monitors, in fact it has made the measurement of airborne contaminants critically important.

New ORION 3100 Transportable MS for ammonia, HCl, HF trace detection combined with uVOC-CAM features the most powerful tools on the semi market for airborne molecular contamination in clean room.

ORION 3100 is a Multipoint Area Monitoring System which sequentially draws gas to an analyzer or gas sensors and reads the concentration. The ORION 3100 has alarm and reporting software which has been developed from many years of experience with similar systems.


Enhanced Sensitivity

The instrument, based on CEAS technology, is extremely simple to use, inexpensive to operate, and includes all components (internal vacuum pump, keyboard, mouse, video monitor) to start recording data within minutes.

Detectivity/Precision (1-σ) is :

HCl         0.1 ppb

HF          0.1 ppb

NH3       < 0.1 ppb

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