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Portable syngas pre-treatment unit

In gas analysis it’s mandatory to have a a clean gas to feed the analyzer so the system flow  firstly remove the majority of tar and dust through washing device , then by two degree precision filter,  the gas chiller provide to remove the moisture and dust, as to obtain a kind of clean dry air. Finally, the sample gas through the protection filter goes into the analytical instruments .

The new ETG Portable syngas pre-treatment unit for dust/tar/moisture removal from
the sample gas, with 3 refillable water scrubbers, 1 refillable charcoal filter, 1 fine filter with replaceable 0.3µm filter element for tar removal.

The system include:

  • 3 sets of bubbler
  • heat exchanger
  • electronic controller
  • built-in heat exchanger temperature display
  • micro fine dust filter with fiberglass filter element
  • built-in peristaltic pump
  • diaphragm sample pump PVDF/FPM
  • “Pump” and “Alarm” status display
  • flowmeter with needle valve

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