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SCRM 110

  • Measured Gas:


  • Compact and robust
  • Direct mounting to the stack
  • Semipermeable membrane for the analysis of the value of anhydrous HCl
  • Output signal 4-20 (optional ModBus)
  • Standard range of measurement 0-30 ppm or 0-100 ppm
  • Plug & play System

One of industrial systems to reduce the emission of hydrochloric acid is the use of the wet scrubber. In counterflow to the exhaust gases is counterbalanced by a flow of water that will react with the HCl in the gas phase by reducing or eliminating the emission into the air of this dangerous gas.

To verify the efficiency of the wet scrubber is necessary to monitor the amount of HCl in chimney emission but due to the high presence of water and a low concentration of HCl this analysis is quite difficult.

ETG has launched an analyzer called SCRM 110 with which you can install the system with ease and after a few minutes, the instrument is ready for operation.

SCRM 110 uses a particular technique to remove the content of water to perform the analysis without altering the characteristics of the sample to be measured.

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