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Gas analyzer hire

We recognise the operational importance of a fully serviced and calibrated instrument.  We also understand the need for adequate cover when equipment needs to be returned to us for service and calibration.
We offer a fixed fee (Euro 300,00 plus VAT) for the time it takes us to complete the service on your instrument.  To ensure there is no risk of any downtime for your business, we can send the hire equipment to you before you send in your unit.
Once we have serviced and returned your unit, simply return the hire equipment to us via our preferred courier, DHL or UPS, at no additional cost.

A few important details to note:

  • Please send us your unit for service within 3 working days of receiving your hired unit.
  • Please return the hired unit (with all supplied accessories) within 3 working days of receiving your returned serviced instrument

Our equipment comes complete with:

  • Fully insured delivered
  • Pre-paid return shipping
  • Heavy-duty carry case
  • Access to our dedicated support infrastructure
  • USB port for download data
    View datasheet MCA 100 Bio P



Benefits of Equipment Rental

With significant cost savings, the ability to access a broad range of equipment and the facility to quickly obtain replacements, it’s easy to see why many of our customers decide to rent their NDT, Survey and Inspection equipment from ETG RISORSE E TECNOLOGIA.
Purchased equipment can restrict your ability to complete applications, may become redundant when new technology is introduced and could require significant investment in the form of ongoing maintenance and calibration – which might be hard to obtain or justify.

Below are the three key benefits of equipment rental:

1. Access to a wide range of equipment

  • Access to the latest equipment and technologies
  • Limits being tied into legacy technology
  • Trial new technologies and techniques without significant investment
  • Increases work scope and limits financial risk

2. Significant cost savings

  • No initial investment
  • Releases CapEx for investment elsewhere
  • No depreciation costs
  • No maintenance, calibration or storage costs
  • Pay-as-you-go approach

3.  Equipment replacements

  • Supplements existing equipment during busy periods
  • Reduces downtime when owned equipment is in repair or on order

Benefits of renting from ETG RISORSE E TECNOLOGIA

  • Broad range of products
  • Specialist application advice – our in-house technical managers are able to offer product and application advice, ensuring you get the best gas monitoring result.
  • Ready-to-use equipment – to avoid any delays, all equipment goes through pre-dispatch checks so when your equipment arrives, it’s ready for you to use.
  • Full technical support – our highly trained technicians will be on hand to assist you with any technical queries throughout your application.
  • Delivery/ collection service – we offer a flexible delivery and collection service, taking the stress out of sourcing and returning your equipment.
  • Flexible payment options – you’ve got the option to pay using a credit card or on account.
  • Competitive pricing – we’re happy to offer discounts based on duration, quantity and frequency.

Get in touch

To discuss your requirements and learn more how equipment rental can benefit your business; please contact: sales@etgrisorse.com or infoetg@etgrisorse.com

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